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The FCELH arrange a regular programme of activities and events.

Each year we welcome a distinguished historian to deliver the W.G. Hoskins Lecture, named after the first head of the Department (now Centre) of English Local History at Leicester. Admission to this lecture is free to members, and is followed by tea and cakes.

Each year we have a summer outing, which generally includes a guided tour of a town and some of its most interesting buildings, often arranged with the help of a local history society. There is also a spring event, either a day conference or a study weekend.


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Hoskins Day 2018

Saturday 23 June 2018

Our Hoskins Lecture this year will be given by Dr Stuart Wrathmell, perhaps best known to former students for his formidable 'Atlas of Rural Settlement in England', (with B.K. Roberts) but who has also done much distinguished work on early settlements, and his presentation to us of 'Wharram Percy and its Landscape Contexts' promises a fascinating update on that intriguing site.

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