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Friends enjoy a tour of Stamford
Membership of the Friends of the Centre for English Local History (FCELH) is open to anyone with an interest in local history, whether the history of Leicestershire or of any other part of the country. We are an active and enthusiastic group of local historians, with a wide range of interests.

The Friends of the Centre for English Local History is a registered charity (number 1073528) which supports the Centre for English Local History at the University of Leicester and its students, for example through the provision of library donations, student bursaries and practical help.

We have a programme of events, which includes study days and weekends, outings, lectures and conferences, a small publication programme, a
nd an annual second-hand book sale. Follow this link for more information Future Programme

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Hoskins Day will be held on the 23rd of June at 2:30 pm. The speaker will be Dr Stuart Wrathmell, perhaps best known to former students for his formidable 'Atlas of Rural Settlement in England', (with B.K. Roberts) but who has also done much distinguished work on early settlements, and his presentation to us of 'Wharram Percy and its Landscape Contexts' promises a fascinating update on that intriguing site. The lecture is a public one, and the Friends encourage anyone who is interested in the topic to attend. A small charge of £3 is made on the door for those who are not members of the Friends, but in return for this you have a warm welcome to the lecure and to tea afterwards in Marc Fitch House, No 5 Salisbury Road, where there will also be a book sale.


An Autumn Day Visit is planned for 15 September 2019 to visit Buckminster, hosted by Pam Fisher who will explain the features of this estate village. More details shortly.


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